Autism Society of Chippewa Valley

The Autism Society of Chippewa Valley serves as a source of information on autism for parents, friends, family and loved ones in the Chippewa Valley and surrounding areas.

Our  mission is to provide advocacy, support and information to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, their families, caregivers, professionals, and communities throughout the Chippewa Valley. The Chippewa Valley Autism Society is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We provide current information and support to parents, grandparents, educators, service providers, and others interested in autism.

* Guest speakers
* Information Folder Packets for Educators and Families.


 Information Packets:
The Chippewa Valley Autism Society has put together a information packet filled with information that may help answer some of your questions.

1. CVAS Welcome introductory
2. CVAS Brochure
3. CVAS Meeting schedule
4. Autism: Options to meeting the challenges
5. Autism brief treatment analysis
6. Definition of PDD
7. Directory of local Resources:
By the Western  region of Chippewa Falls, WI
Autism Product Directory/Listings
9. April is known as National Autism Awareness Month:
CVAS Annual Reception
10.and CVAS Questionnaire

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